Session #89 : Silje Nes (22/10/11)

Tracks :

  1. Crystals
  2. Hello Luminance

Venue : ‘L’atheneum’, Dijon, during Novosonic festival, #8.

Recorded : 2011, october, 22th. 

Notes : It was a long day waiting… like it’s sometimes. We manage to do the session around 5:30, but one band was late and take a looooooooong time to set up the videos… so Silje did her sounscheck later, and after she was giging…. so we record the session after the gig, around 11:00 p.m. But it worth it ! We recorded two tracks : the first one Silje alone, and for the second one, Silje and the two boys.

Chrystals :

Hello Luminance :