Session #33 : Moriarty (02/03/08)

Tracks :

  1. Jimmy
  2. Private Lily
  3. Private Lily (take 2)

Venue : ‘Le grenier’, La Vapeur, Generiq festival #2.

Recorded : 2008, march, 02th. 

Notes :Lovely french band… Here they come in ‘Le grenier’ with all their instruments… And they’re joking… And they need to have some stuff for the video, like their owl.

They’re ready : let’s recording. The reverb is terrific for that kind of music. We sit and smile while listening. So easy. After the first take of ‘Private Lily’, the band try a new arrangement for the song, changing their instruments. « Let’s do it once again, so ! ».

Don’t stop playing, please.

Jimmy :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Private Lily : (take 2)

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Private Lily : (take 1)

In session.

In session.

On stage that night.