Session #17 : Editors (05/11/2005)


  1. Munich
  2. French disco (Stereolab cover)

Venue : Studios, Radio Dijon Campus

Recorded : 2005, november, 05th

Notes : When we knew that Editors will come in Dijon, supporting Franz Ferdinand, we ask for a session with the two bands. Only the management of Editors accepted it, but it was great, ‘cos we loved (and still love!) the first LP ‘The Back room’. So, we took Tom, Chris and their manager at the venue, drove them to the radio station, recorded the session, made the interview, and we drive them back one hour and a half later for their soundcheck.

It was the first time we filmed a session : it was on an old Sony Hi-8 camcorder. And as we needed to do it quick, and because the studios was small… the video is backlightned. But i can assure you it’s them 🙂

Munich :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube






Editors recording the session.