Session #82 : Crocodiles (12/07/11)

Tracks :

  1. Electric Death Song (take #2)
  2. True love will find you in the end – Daniel Johnston cover (take #3)

Venue : ‘Le Consortium’, Dijon.

Recorded : 2011, july, 12th. 

Notes : We have planned to record the session at 5.30 but… the band arrived from Bologna at…7.00 ! They did a quick line check, and made a incredible and loud gig. We recorded the session 20 minutes after the end of the gig, and we were almost the last people in the venue… which is not really a venue, but a comtemporary art gallery. They wanted to do a special song for the session, a new one from the forthcoming new LP. They rehearsed a bit, record it and for the second track, they chose to do a Daniel Johnston cover.


Electric Death Song :

True love will find you in the end :

A short short film :