Session #79 : The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (31/05/11)

Tracks :

  1. I got a woman (aka ‘Mean Woman Blues’, Elvis Presley cover)
  2. Sky is burning
  3. Burn it off
  4. Rock hard (Alex Chilton cover)
  5. Honey bee
  6. My War (Black Flag cover)
  7. Train (instrumental) (jam)
  8. Blues explosion man
  9. Mystery Train / money (Elvis Presley Cover)
  10. Raw Power (Stooges cover)

Venue : ‘Le grenier’, La Vapeur, Dijon.

Recorded : 2011, may, 31th. 

Notes : Never thought my request can be accepted… but it was. I met Jon at the venue,show him the place, the acoustic guitar i brought for him and he says it was ok. He came back with russell to find something to make rhythm with. We found a big box and russell took a raquette to play on it. They came back 10 minutes later, with Judah. And they started to play together… I thought they will stop after two tracks, but they played about 30 minutes, and jamming sometimes. A great moment, with simplicity, smiling at each other, not a ‘promo’ thing. They play together because they love rock’n’roll.

At the end of the recording, Jon told me to do a quick mix to hear the result. He came back after the soundcheck, and gave me some requests on the mix (« more mono, man! »).

I sent him links while he was on the road to validate some tracks. Here’s was he kept. Thanks Jon.

Burn It off :

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Rock Hard (Alex Chilton cover) :

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Honey Bee :

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Blues Explosion Man :

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