Session #132 : Cheatahs (21/04/2014)

Tracks :

  1. Fall (take 2)
  2. Kenworth (take 4)

Venue : Le grenier, La Vapeur, Dijon

Recorded : 2014, april, 21th.

Notes : As Cheatahs were playing on a boat just after a 10 hours travel from Barcelona on the end of Festival MV in Dijon, it was hard to find time ro record a session. Anyway, as the day after was a day off, it was possible to record something in the afternoon. So we met in ‘Le grenier’ to record two tracks with acoustic guitars.

Thanks to the band and their crew, and thanks a lot to Clément at PIAS who deserves a lot 🙂


Fall :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Kenworth :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube