Session #84 : Ladylike Lily (25/09/11)

Tracks :

  1. On my own
  2. Private light

Venue : ‘Le grenier’ at La Vapeur, Dijon.

Recorded : 2011, september, 25th. 

Notes : I discovered Ladylike Lily last year with her first beautiful videos, and i played songs from the ‘on my own’ e.p. on the show. When she arrived in ‘Le grenier’, she wanted to do the session walking in the room. That could be a beautiful idea, but the problem were the mics. Or it was possible to make a take with overheads. We decided to do two versions : one sitting, in front of the mics, to have a good sound, ans a second one walking.

But when she saw the little amp i use as a monitor, she decided to do something closer than her live show, with loops. So with Loïg, her sound engineer, they plugged all the stuff, i put two mics for the guitar and the room, and we recorded the two songs.

I love ‘private light’. I knew the song from youtube, but « our » version is really beautiful.

Here it is :

On my own :

Private light :