Session #188 : Brigitte Fontaine (23/11/2018)”

Tracks :

  1. Parlons d’autres chose

Venue : Théatre, Semur-En-Auxois

Recorded : 2018, november, 14th.

Notes : Brigitte Fontaine is a performer, an excentric singer who travelled time and work with Jacques Higelin (amongst others) and her husband Areski. The same day, Napalm Death played in Dijon, and Brigitte in Semur-en-Auxois (1 hour from Dijon).

I ask a session for both, but i knew it was impossible for me to make both for timing reasons. Napalm Death management answered me very quickly, and was interested by the idea… ans then… no more news. For Brigitte, i’ve contacted Yann Péchin, her guitarist, which i met in the past when he payed with Poignot, and Thiéfaine. He says he will talk to Brigitte about the idea, and give me the contact of Patrick, his manager. Patrick mailed me back and say she was ok for the recording. SO… i met Brigitte during soundcheck, she fixed the moment i can film and the moment i have to stop and so… here’s the track. Happy Napalm Death declined my offer.