Session #142 : Son lux (28/11/2014)

Tracks :

  1. Easy (try)
  2. No crimes (try)
  3. Lanterns lit (take 1)
  4. Lantern lit (take 2)

Venue : Le Consortium, Dijon, Roberto Fuoghi exposition room.

Recorded : 2014, november 28th.

Notes : It was not an easy session… Ryan was ok to do one track, but at first, he wanted to play on an acoustic piano. But as our buget was close to zero euro, we ask him an alternative… and he wanted to play a Rhodes or a Wurlitzer. AS we like challenges,  we try to find a Rhodes and Antoine, a friend of ours, had that friend, Thotho, who owes a Rhodes. Thotho was very kind to let us the Rhodes for the session (we pay him with cigarettes) and we find a Fender twin amp at the venue ‘La Vapeur’ (thanks to Olivier). We bring everything in  an exposition room in ‘Le Consortium’ (Contemporary Art Center) where there was a amzing artwork of Roberto Cuoghi, sans titre. Nice result !


Green sea:

Image de prévisualisation YouTube