SWANS, Live film, 2013.

Tracks :

  1. Cowards
  2. Oxygen

Venue : Le Consortium, Dijon

Recorded : 2013, march, 28th. 

Notes : Oh my god. When i knew that Swans will play in my hometown, i was really excited. I wanted to ask for a session, but… it was not Michael Gira solo. So i decided to ask  It was difficult to find a close contact to the band. Finally, i had the email of Swans publicist and during two weeks or so, he was the interface between Michael Gira and me. At the real beginning, it was ‘no’ and at the end, i was authorized to film, but i have to wait for Gira authorisation before broadcasting or uploading something.

We emailed each other a lot after the gig, i sen him the diffrent tracks played that night and Michale let me know what he think about it. In fact, he was not really happy with their performance that night, the electricity problems, etc… but he liked the version of ‘Cowards’ and let me share ‘Oxygen’.

So here it is. A great band, and a great and kind man. I was really proud to meet him.



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