Session #22 : Elysian Fields (06/05/2006)

Tracks :

  1. Lions in the storm
  2. We’re in Love
  3. Planet Queen (T-rex cover)

Venue : Studios

Recorded : 2006, mai, 05th. Kill your Pop Festival #3

Notes : Recorded … in one of our office… Our first contact wasn’t that good : i was filming  in the venue and i filmed a bit of the soundcheck. Oren stopped playing and ask me to stop filming. Jennifer came to me, ask me the same thing… Hummm, ok… sorry.

So when we recorded one hour later the session, Jennifer didn’t want it to be filmed… what i can understand now. It was in our office, so it was not nice around…. and she didn’t feel well with a camera filming.

But we still have the sound, and that was the most important : initially, sessions are for radio broadcasting. And you don’t need to watch it here, just imagine Oren and Jennifer, the two of them, just playing for you.