AND ALSO THE TREES, ‘Maësharn’, a live documentary, 2017

‘Maësharn’ is a film following And Also The Trees on their ‘Born into the waves’ tour in France, with interviews of the band and their close staff, backstages and soundchecks, and above all live parts from their shows in Dijon (Théâtre des Feuillants) and Paris (Café de la danse) on the 15th and the 16th of october, 2016.
Tracklist :
0:00 Your Guess
8:40 The Sleepers
12:48 Winter Sea
18:50 The Skeins of love
26:20 Virus Meadow
30:54 Shaletown
38:47 The Woman On The Estuary
43:09 Brother Fear
49:27 Domed
55:27 Prince Rupert
1:12:03 Gone… Like the Swallows
1:19:28 Hawksmoor & the Savage
1:23:12 A Room Lives in Lucy
1:27:57 Slow Pulse Boy

Thanks to the band for their trust and kindness, to everyone who helped in this project (Victor Lenoble, le Théatre des Feuillants crew, Café de la Danse crew, Thib of Kongfuzi, and Christophe for his extra footages).
An online film by fans for fans…


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