Session #171 : Kite Base (17/02/2017)

Tracks :

  1. Transition (take 1)
  2. Transition (take 2)
  3. Dadum (take 1)
  4. Dadum (take 2)

Venue : Le Consortium parking, Dijon (Génériq Festival)

Recorded : 2017, february, 17th.

Notes : What a nice meeting ! I follow Savages from the real beginning and discovered Ayse’s project with Kendra (Frost) a year ago. I liked the single ‘soothe’, played ‘Dadum’ too on the radio show and when i heard Kite Base was playing for Génériq festival, i contacted Kendra for a session. The answer was a ‘yes!’ and we planned to do it before soundcheck.

As the exposition rooms of the Art center are huge with lots of reverb, i choose this time to do the session in the underground parking of the venue.

And… it was a bit cold, it takes one hour (installation and recording) but i’m really happy with the result, and the girls seems to be too !


Transition :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Dadum :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube